Energy transition

Implementing it by yourself!

The law on renewable energies (EEG) made the energy transition a political objective and set up rules for the energy sector in Germany. It´s implementation needs the participation of all citizens. The technical requirements are meanwhile given to a large extent. Now it´s about raising the awareness for one´s own energy consumption and the possibilities connected to energy transition. Efficient devices and LED lighting reduce the energy consumption significantly for example. And this is just one among a great variety of possibilities.

By replacing conventional light bulbs with LED lights up to 90% energy can be saved. Within one year the acquisition costs will be amortised. Consequently, you will be saving money from this point on.

Do you have an old fridge at home? Maybe the electricity costs caused by your old fridge are higher than the costs caused by buying a new one. By installing solar cells on your roof and producing your own energy you can reduce your energy costs immensely. If you are having power stores in your cellar, you can even profit from solar energy at night times. By switching to an electric car, you are not only contributing to environmental protection. If you use the energy, you produced with your own solar cells, you can also save a lot of money. Also by replacing your old heating boiler with a newer model you can save money and make an active contribution to climate protection.

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